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This website allows you to register for your tournament online. Just complete the application form and you are finished. You can check the tournament details anytime by just entering the system generated tournament ID at end of registration. Before you start the registration process please go through the following Important Note.

To insure competitive shooting activities are carried with the highest degree of care for the safety of all participants, spectators, and the general public, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the NRA Approved or Registered Tournament sponsor and the participating competitors to rigidly enforce all NRA official competition rules and regulations, all local range regulations, and specific range official instructions. The NRA makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, that the NRA Official Rules and Regulations, even if carefully observed, are sufficient in themselves to provide conditions and procedures which insure adequate safety precautions, or that NRA Certified Instructors, NRA Official Referees, or other persons shall properly interpret or enforce such rules. By approving or registering an event, the NRA makes no representation or warranty , express or implied, that the persons conduction any approved or Registered Tournament or the owners, tenants or licensees of the premises upon which such event is conducted, shall provide a shooting range and associated facilities which are reasonably safe, or that such persons shall prescribe and enforce local range rules adequate to provide reasonable safety and to control the activities of any person or persons. As a condition of approving or registering any tournament, the sponsor, together with its agents, servants, employees and members, agree that the NRA , its agents, servants, employees, successors and assigns, shall be held harmless for any injury or damage to persons or property occurring either on the premises where the tournament takes place , or official referee while properly engaged in the discharge of NRA official business on the premises during the approved or registered activity or event.